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“I own a small veterinary animal hospital in a rural community where the clientele is used to consistency as the previous veterinarian had serviced the community for over twenty years. Dr. Jeff Klemens was able to come in on a relief basis (one day weekly for over a year) and gained immediate rapport with our clientele. Dr. Klemens is a talented veterinarian who manages sick cases and emergency cases with thoroughness. His record keeping abilities are impeccable, and our staff grew fond of him quickly. I would highly recommend Dr. Jeff Klemens for relief veterinary services, and hope to utilize his services again in the future.”

Jeff Weitzel, DVM
Meyer Veterinary Hospital

“It has been many years since we have hired a relief veterinarian and I worried how our clients and staff would accept a new doctor coming in once a week. It was very soon apparent that I had no need to worry. Dr. Klemens integrated seamlessly with my staff and picked up on our protocols very quickly. He excels at client education and communication and truly wants what is best for the patient. His exam notes make it easy for subsequent doctors to follow-up on cases without any confusion. My staff reports that he is easy and enjoyable to work with and clients have been very receptive to him as well. I appreciate how organized and prepared Dr. Klemens has been in all aspects, especially in terms of scheduling. Our practice feels blessed to have found a relief veterinarian as skilled and caring as Dr. Klemens to work at Buck Creek Veterinary Clinic.”

Mandy McDaniel – Office Manager
Buck Creek Veterinary Clinic

“I recommend Dr. Klemens to any doctor in search of a relief veterinarian. His professionalism is top notch and his veterinary care is superb. Dr. Klemens met with me and my staff before covering for me. He was very receptive to our practices, therapies, and protocols. All of my clients that he cared for had nothing but good to say about him, and my staff were also pleased with his treatment and respect of them. As a practitioner of complementary treatments as well as traditional allopathic therapies, I was very pleased that Dr. Klemens had set up progress exams for my clients to receive these treatments upon my return. My only regret is that he will no longer be able to provide his services to me, since he will be relocating into a different region.”

Scott A. Baldwin, DVM CVCP cVMA
Animal Clinic of Michigan City

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